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As a buyer, we can offer you:

  • Access to a new marketplace and network of Premium b2b Sellers.

  • Access to previously unavailable premium brand products, at fair prices and in flexible quantities.

  • New multi-lot auction technology that helps you connect and collaborate with other buyers to offer equal buying power and guarentee the best prices.


As a seller, we can offer you:

  • A simple solution to overstock via a new, online marketplace.

  • A new b2b sales platform connecting you with vetted and rated buyers.

  • Best market value for your products, thanks to our online multi-lot auction system.

  • A brand safe environment offering you control of who sees and buys your brand.

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The premium B2B overstock auction marketplace. We’re on a mission to rethink, reduce and repurpose stock to create a more sustainable future.
buyfair is expanding on a global scale, we want you to be part of our journey.
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What the Industry says

Client One
Seller's platform solves very real, pressing, and growing problems both for my business and other sellers, as well as undoubtedly the buyer community
Client One
Client One
Buyer is totally unique. It creates a level playing field for all retailers and fair pricing. Never before have independent retailers received offers from brands for such great stock, at such great prices
Client One
Client One
In an age when we are all, rightly, concerned about the impact we have on the planet and the legacy we will leave for generations to come, solving the problem of overstock doesn't just make good business sense, it makes great sense for the planet.
Client One
Client One
Press brings the first multi-lot auction to the industry at a time where it has been incredibly difficult for homeware brands to manage inventory as we lose key retailers from our high streets.
The Independent
Client One