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Seller: Plumen
Stock Location: Sheffield Park, United Kingdom
SKU: 1203020502

Plumen 002 B22 LED Straight (4W 250lm)

Designer Bulbs | PLUMEN New
£29.00 unit RRP
6 lots of 12 units
Price per unit £10.00
Reserve: £120.00 per lot
Min Lots Required: 2
Plumen 002 B22 LED Straight (4W 250lm) Image
Plumen 002 B22 LED Straight (4W 250lm) Image
Plumen 002 B22 LED Straight (4W 250lm) Image
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6 lots / £120.00 per lot
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Plumen 002 B22 LED Straight (4W 250lm)

The Original Plumen 002 LED takes on the same sculptural design as the CFL model, only upgraded with an improved technology.

The 002’s LED low brightness and warm tones are perfect for those who enjoy the atmospheric glow of an Edison bulb with an energy-efficient twist. The bulb is also dimmable, a critical new feature as many applications require subtle lighting control to create the right ambience.

The 002 LED works beautifully in series or alone, whether in a pendant, table light or wall sconce.

Compared to an Edison bulb, the 002 LED uses 80% less energy and lasts 10 times longer.

Inner Carton Quantity 12
Master Carton Quantity 12
Inner Carton Length 35 cm
Inner Carton Width 24.6 cm
Inner Carton Height 17.8 cm
Inner Carton Weight 1.5 kg
Master Carton Length 35 cm
Master Carton Width 24.6 cm
Master Carton Height 17.8 cm
Master Carton Weight 1.5 kg
Unit Length 6.5 cm
Unit Width 6.5 cm
Unit Height 16.3 cm
Unit Weight 0.119 kg
Unit Volume N/A
Gift Boxed No



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