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Stock Location: Warboys

SCOTT VacSmarter Food Storage Containers - Set of 3 (1.8L | 1L | 0.6L) with Vacuum Pump

VacSmarter | SCOTT New
Pack RRP: £36.99
Each pack contains: 1 unit
Packs available: 100
Auction Ended

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The SCOTT Vacsmarter food containers provide an air- and liquid-tight seal. Vacuum sealing locks air out and seals freshness in, protecting food from air and moisture loss. The Vacsmarter container is designed to be microwave-safe. Please do not reheat with the lid nor over 3 minutes.
Container capacity : 1.8L / 1L /0.6L + vacuum pump.
Item is BPA free and made of Tritan.

Inner Carton Quantity N/A
Master Carton Quantity N/A
Inner Carton Length N/A
Inner Carton Width N/A
Inner Carton Height N/A
Inner Carton Weight N/A
Master Carton Length N/A
Master Carton Width N/A
Master Carton Height N/A
Master Carton Weight N/A
Unit Length 12.4 cm
Unit Width 21.2 cm
Unit Height 24.2 cm
Unit Weight 800 g
Unit Volume N/A
Gift Boxed No

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