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Seller: Boskke
Stock Location: Botlek, Netherlands, The
SKU: FLP-TC-08-01

Flipped Planter, 8cm, Terracotta

Flipped Planter | Boskke New
£30.00 unit RRP
4 lots of 48 units
Price per unit £6.00
Reserve: £288.00 per lot
Min Lots Required: 4
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Product Description
Seller Description
Product Specification
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The Flipped Planter is both playful and deliberate in its design. Inspired by the way traditional plant pots are often stacked upside-down when they are not in use, the outer body works as a water reservoir, supplying moisture to the plant for up to two weeks between refills, using Slo-Flo irrigation technology.

We want to see more green in our cities. In our homes. In our offices. Keeping plants improves our quality of life, but when space and time are both limited, we need to find new ways to garden.
That’s why Boskke (meaning ‘little forest’ in old English) was created. To introduce abundant plant life into the cities we live in, through creating beautiful, functional gardening products that understand the challenges of city living.

Inner Carton Quantity N/A
Master Carton Quantity N/A
Inner Carton Length N/A
Inner Carton Width N/A
Inner Carton Height N/A
Inner Carton Weight N/A
Master Carton Length 40.0 cm
Master Carton Width 38.0 cm
Master Carton Height 20.8 cm
Master Carton Weight 5.6 kg
Unit Length 18.5 cm
Unit Width 18.5 cm
Unit Height 16 cm
Unit Weight 1.1 kg
Unit Volume N/A
Gift Boxed No


Customer is responsible for collection from the warehouse

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