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Seller: EOQ
Stock Location: Lightmoor, United Kingdom
SKU: 4AC-10938-SXXXS50-6A

Chair 4a

4a | EOQ New
£504.00 unit RRP
19 lots of 2 units
Price per unit £125.00
Reserve: £250.00 per lot
Min Lots Required: 1
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19 lots / £229.80 per lot
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eoq is an award winning design brand based in HK specifically to offer the worlds best designers the opportunity to design and develop their products with unfettered access to some of the most cutting edge engineering facilities that exist in the world.
We strive to use our knowledge of manufacturing to ensure that we push our production team to deliver an element of innovation with our unique and highly engineered range.

Inner Carton Quantity N/A
Master Carton Quantity 2
Inner Carton Length N/A
Inner Carton Width N/A
Inner Carton Height N/A
Inner Carton Weight N/A
Master Carton Length 57
Master Carton Width 48
Master Carton Height 97
Master Carton Weight 11
Unit Length N/A
Unit Width N/A
Unit Height N/A
Unit Weight N/A
Unit Volume N/A
Gift Boxed No


shipping cost dependent on weight, please get in contact to arrange shipping.

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