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Seller: ME and MATS
Stock Location: Coenecoop 595, Netherlands, The
SKU: SP16.01.03

ME&MATS scented candle - Thanks

Home & Living | ME&MATS New
£19.99 unit RRP
16 lots of 6 units
Price per unit £22.72
Reserve: £136.32 per lot
Min Lots Required: 1
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Enlighten the days with a ME&MATS candle. It’s the perfect gift to inspire others. 650 grams with our signature fragrance (Pamplemousse, patchouli, watermelon). And if you have no clue what that means, it’s a really really good smell. All of our candles are made of the finest ingredients, a delicate soy wax blend mixed with our fragrance of essential oils and a pure cotton lead-free wick. They are hand wrapped in the Netherlands especially for you by the hands of very able, disabled people. And of courseeee, they are vegan.

We want to fill this world with happy thoughts & good vibes, guts & glory, Clooney & Pitt, sunshine & getting perfectly tanned without a sunburn – okay, you get the idea, right?

Maybe we can’t save the world with chocolates and candles (although that would be nice), but taking the time to let our loved ones know they’re in your thoughts can empower them to find gold in the simplest moments.

‘Cause hey, sometimes all you want is a little gesture from the people you love, and all it takes to make a little gesture is a little help from Me&Mats!

Inner Carton Quantity 6
Master Carton Quantity 36
Inner Carton Length 29cm
Inner Carton Width 19cm
Inner Carton Height 9cm
Inner Carton Weight 26kg
Master Carton Length 41cm
Master Carton Width 31cm
Master Carton Height 31cm
Master Carton Weight 26kg
Unit Length 9cm
Unit Width 9cm
Unit Height 8cm
Unit Weight 650g
Unit Volume 650g
Gift Boxed Yes

A delicate soy wax blend, mixed with our signature fragrance (pamplemousse, patchouli, watermelon) of pure essential oils.

Minimum order is €300,-
Shipping costs €31,-
Pallet shipping from the Netherlands to England €250,-

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