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Seller: Magisso
Stock Location: Venlo, Netherlands, The
SKU: 70604

Magisso Wine Cooler Cooling Ceramics

Cooling Ceramics | Magisso New
£55.00 unit RRP
20 lots of 12 units
Price per unit £16.25
Reserve: £195.00 per lot
Min Lots Required: 1
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Product Description
Seller Description
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The Cooling Ceramics Wine Cooler keeps your favourite wine deliciously fresh, no ice or magic tricks needed, all you need is water.
Soak the Wine Cooler under running water for up to 60 seconds. In just a few moments the Wine Cooler will turn ice cold and keep your white or sparkly deliciously fresh, or even your red wine at a perfect temp in hot weather. The cooling effect lasts for many hours.
Cooling Ceramics by Magisso is hand-made and each piece is unique.
Designer: Simon Stevens
Design Awards: GIA

Finish Mat

Magisso creates fascinating pieces of design, with a delightful twist. Whether it's about keeping your drinks fresh without ice, combining safety and hydration on the go, or just saving time in food prep, we love to solve those small day-to-day problems.

We are proud to be one of the most awarded design brands from Scandinavia. Our favourite product review ever? "Thank you for saving our marriage" (Magisso Cloth Holder stainless steel ending a many-years-long family feud) - these are the reactions we live for!

With our best-seller collection we have attempted to solve the most annoying problems in peoples' home and work environment. And with our concept design know-how, we help companies develop solutions adapted to their unique needs.

Inner Carton Quantity N/A
Master Carton Quantity 6
Inner Carton Length N/A
Inner Carton Width N/A
Inner Carton Height N/A
Inner Carton Weight N/A
Master Carton Length 45,5
Master Carton Width 34
Master Carton Height 28
Master Carton Weight 7,8
Unit Length 12,7
Unit Width 12,7
Unit Height 20,9
Unit Weight 1,3
Unit Volume N/A
Gift Boxed No

Hand-made product: each Cooler is unique and very minor differences might occur between products
Suitable for laser engraving if looking to personalise the product.

parcel service delivery time 3-14 days

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