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Seller: Magisso (Finland)
Stock Location: Venlo

Magisso Visibility Bottle black

Visibility | Magisso
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Seller: Magisso (Finland)
Stock Location: Venlo
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Take safety into your own hands.
Visibility Bottle is not just a sleek, perfect city-sized termos bottle. Thanks to its reflective surface, it actually makes you more visible to drivers during early mornings. evenings and during the during the darker winter days.

Made of vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel, helping to keep your drink hot or cold.
Use it when commuting, jogging, walking your dog or for keeping your kids safe.

GIA Global Innovations Award 2019 winner

size small

Finish shiny

surface reflective

Inner Carton Quantity N/A
Master Carton Quantity 30
Inner Carton Length N/A
Inner Carton Width N/A
Inner Carton Height N/A
Inner Carton Weight N/A
Master Carton Length 42,5
Master Carton Width 35,5
Master Carton Height 22,5
Master Carton Weight 7,6 kg
Unit Length N/A
Unit Width N/A
Unit Height N/A
Unit Weight N/A
Unit Volume 350ml
Gift Boxed No

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Magisso creates fascinating pieces of design, with a delightful twist. Whether it's about keeping your drinks fresh without ice, combining safety and hydration on the go, or just saving time in food prep, we love to solve those small day-to-day problems.

We are proud to be one of the most awarded design brands from Scandinavia. Our favourite product review ever? "Thank you for saving our marriage" (Magisso Cloth Holder stainless steel ending a many-years-long family feud) - these are the reactions we live for!

With our best-seller collection we have attempted to solve the most annoying problems in peoples' home and work environment. And with our concept design know-how, we help companies develop solutions adapted to their unique needs.

Reflective surface, makes you visible and keeps your drinks hot or cold.

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