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Say hello to the new kids on the block
Amy Arfi
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We’d like you to meet some of our latest newcomers and make them feel more at home.

As always, sustainability is at the heart of what we do too, so we’re so proud to share with you some of the fantastic initiatives that our brands have founded to manufacture sustainable items, many of which have been repurposed from recycled plastic goods. 

Learn about these independent businesses, their founders and their beautiful pieces that in just a few clicks, could be yours for the keeping.

Introducing...Canvas Home

In 2008, British designer Andrew Corrie set up Canvas Home, looking to create a line of products that was urban with country accents. His designs aim to fill your home with life and colour. He says, “The home is a blank canvas, let us help you paint a unique picture, reflective of the life you lead.” We quite agree, Andrew, which is why we are so excited to introduce his dinnerware collections to buyfair. Simplistic and calming, his minimalistic approach to design using hints of colour in a cool marine-like palette will give your mid-century modern home a Meditteranean sentiment. 

Ready to start adding those festive touches to your home? Be sure to check out the Dauvellie collection of tableware, vases and accessories. The Dauville Collection exhibits a contrast between the creamy textured finish and bold metallic glaze, which in turns yields a unique harmony of glamour and subtlety. Perfect for adding a touch of artisan sophistication and poise to your kitchen. 

Introducing...Gong Lighting

Originating from London in the nineties, the Gong lighting brand is renowned for its dramatic silhouettes and almost, oriental essences. Defining itself as stylish and atmospheric, its luxury lighting makes for remarkable statement pieces in your living space. More noticeably, the industrial hues of brass, mahogany and golden hardware enable the fittings to add sophistication and warmth to your room, yet also provoking thought with interesting designs that boast uniqueness.

The Flute range is excellent for adding depth and history into a space, moving away from an ultra-modern clean, cut style and instead, offering a more ornate and detailed alternative to lighting.


Ten years ago, designers took the ordinary, made it extraordinary and Bellroy was born. 


Redesigning and making us consumers rethink the way we carry around and organise our belongings was crucial for the Australian brand, which is why its products are so very handy. Pockets and leather galore, if you’re a sucker for everything neat and tidy and organisation crazy, this newcomer brand at buyfair is your perfect match. 

Coming to buyfair is the Designers Edition of the Melbourne tote, a bag directly designed for compact living made from sustainable leather. These tote bags range in two colours - Black and Burnt Sienna and will land you in commuter heaven as they are practical, comfortable and yet with the added bonus of being stylish too which can be a rarity when it comes to sturdy bags. 

To add further excitement, Bellroy’s recyclable fabrics collection is made up of bags, purses, travel wallets, phone cases and many other accessories all made from recycled plastic bottles, providing a great sustainable purchase too (And gives you all the more reason to buy now!) 

Introducing...Claire Gaudion

Taken from the inspiration of nature, you’ll notice a Claire Gaudion rug or cushion from a mile off just by the earthy browns and sea blues. Originating from Guernsey, Claire was exposed to the beautiful climate and surrounding waters from a young age which she admits wholly influences her collections.

Studying design in London and working briefly in Fashion, Claire found herself returning to her roots and setting up her own studio where she produces artisan rugs and textiles. What’s really exciting is that Claire has brought to buyfair her most sustainable product yet: the recycled plastic bottle rugs.

Made 100% out of old repurposed plastic bottles, these rugs mirror patterns of the sea bed from the surface in calming blues and mustard yellows. A bestseller to say the least.

Her pieces are timeless and calming and will exude the breath of fresh air you need in your home at the end of a long day. After all, our emotions feed off the environments we surround ourselves in and whilst we might not physically be on the lovely coasts of the channel islands, we can always dream. 

Introducing...Neon Kactus 

If five years ago we managed to get rid of the plastic shopping bags, then perhaps soon we will say adios to the plastic coffee cups and water bottles too? Neon Kactus were one step ahead in 2018 where they created a range of reusable coffee cups and water bottles, made from glass. The cups are brilliantly designed and stylish too, making the idea of switching to reusable all the more enjoyable.

Often now we see in our chain coffee shops on the highstreet that they offer a discounted price too when using a reusable cup of your own which helps the initiative massively. Neon Kactus’ cups are mostly glass, but also from silicone (BPA free) and stainless steel, meaning they can be completely recycled themselves and also do not distort the taste of your drinks. They are also super easy to clean. 

These simple yet effective buys are all on buyfair now, so what are you waiting for?

Start shopping!

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