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The top 5 homeware products every home and gift business needs for their customers
Vaibhav Shivhare
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2020 has been a bit of an odd year, to say the least. The health impact of COVID-19 aside, the pandemic has also caused thousands of businesses to shut stores for months, leading to a significant decline in sales. However, with many countries easing their lockdown restrictions, things are beginning to get back to some form of ‘normality’.

Most EU countries have allowed homeware and gift businesses to re-open, giving you the chance to stock up on some exciting new products that will have your customers shopping all summer long!  

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 homeware products for every home and gift business available to source right now, direct from the brand on buyfair.

Transparent Cube Planter by Boskke


Our team at buyfair love these super stylish planters by Boskke. They make the perfect gift to brighten up any home and they can be also be used as a herb planter, a welcome addition to any kitchen since a lot of us feel we have become quite the home cook over lockdown.

These little planters use Slo-Flo irrigation technology which means you only have to water your plant friends every couple of weeks. They are easily topped up with water through a hole on the top, and the water is gradually fed up to the plant's roots and soil through a terracotta disc at the base of the inner pot, making it a convenient accessory for every plantspersons! 

If you need more tips, tricks or gardening accessories read our Blooming Beautiful Gardens blog here.



There’s so much more to a plant than goes on above the soil. This transparent cube lets you see the whole show, soil, water and roots and gives an interesting and different look to your plants.

Shop the planters here.


Colourful Glassware by Sagaform 


Sagaform’s award-winning, colourful, mouth-blown glassware collection will be sure to brighten up any drink.

Styles and shapes perfect for any drink, whether that be a prosecco cocktail, or a summer wine cooler, they are a great addition to any table. Since you’ll be purchasing in wholesale quantities, you can get them at a fraction of the price on buyfair!


Sagaform has been in business for more than 25 years working with recognized designers to produce useful and beautiful products, offering thoughtful design at great prices.

Check out their full collection of stunning glassware here, sold directly from their licensed distributor Forma House.


Baking Delights Tea Towel by Victoria Eggs



If you’ve read our recent Seller Spotlight on Victoria Eggs, you’ll know that it is a fun-loving brand that celebrates all things British!

Having worked with organisations such as the National Gallery and Royal Albert Hall, Victoria Eggs designs simple yet vibrant home accessories that complement any home style.

We especially love the hand-illustrated Baking Delight Tea Towel, shown above, it’s the perfect quintessentially British kitchen gift for any home. 

The full baking collection, along with other exciting and fun ranges are available now on buyfair in wholesale quantities at incredible prices. 


Ethically made Pillowcases by LuckyBoysunday



The simple and effortless design of these pillowcases makes them the perfect addition to any room, complementing a variety of home styles. Capitalise on the droves of people updating their homes post lockdown with these beautifully crafted cushion covers.

These knitted designs by LuckyBoySunday are manufactured in Bolivia, using ethically sourced 100% baby alpaca wool. This wool is highly valuable and is as soft as cashmere, making it an exquisite addition to your store. 

You can buy the pillowcases and lots of other home accessories by LuckyBoySunday here.


The quirky Flipped Planter by Boskke 



Another great product by award-winning brand Boskke, the terracotta flipped planter is a stunning product that takes a simple planter design and adds a fun twist to it.

Just like the Cube Planter mentioned above, this planter uses Slo-Fo irrigation technology that only requires water every 2-3 weeks, making it a low maintenance option for people who want a fun yet cool planter for their plants that requires minimal effort but adds maximum chic to any room.

The Flipped Planter is both playful and deliberate in its design. Inspired by the way traditional plant pots are often stacked upside-down when they are not in use, the outer body works as a water reservoir, supplying moisture to the plant for up to two weeks between refills.

Buy the flipped planters direct from Boskke here