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Blooming beautiful gardens
Hannah Gregory
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Lockdown has had many of us seeking new activities to occupy our free time. Whether that be jigsaw puzzles, reading the stack of books you’ve never found the time to read or a new exercise regime, we’re all finding our own routines to help us through these strange times.


Many of us have turned our hand to gardening and caring for our indoor plants and window boxes whilst buckling down at home during the pandemic. Guy Barter, the chief horticulturist at Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society, reports a staggering five-fold rise in queries for advice on its website during the lockdown.


Your home garden may be unlikely to sustain a family of five just yet but many people have found it’s a great way to keep the kids entertained whilst off school and show them the true effort and wonder that is involved in actually growing your own veggies or flowers. Others have used it as a time to connect with their communities and neighbours sharing their produce with one another like past generations would have done.  

However, not all of us can afford the luxury of a garden to plant our own produce so have taken to indoor gardening as a similar form of achieving wellness.

A few short years ago, an interior designer would’ve classed you as unforgivably retro if you had a money plant chilling in your living room or a peace lily in your bedroom however now, according to the Flowers & Plants Association, the UK’s flower and indoor plant market is worth £2.2bn and Europeans spent €35.9bn on houseplants and flowers in 2016 alone.


This stems from urbanites gasping for greenery and filling their home with easy-to-rear, calming leafy green house plants and it’s no surprise why with their long line of benefits.

House plants have been proven to boost mood, productivity, concertation and creativity whilst cleaning indoor air by removing toxins and pollutants and releasing clean oxygen. Additionally, these little green gems reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds and we could all do with a little extra immune support right now.


One of the most searched for terms when talking about our green fingers is ‘how to keep our plants alive’. The key takeaways are to be careful not to overwater, and make sure they have the right amounts of light and heat. We don’t want the looking after part of our leafy friends to become too much when they have so many destressing properties! It should be a pleasure so that we feel the benefits every day.

That’s why Boskke (meaning ‘little forest’ in old English) was created, to introduce abundant plant life into the cities we live in, through beautiful, functional gardening products that understand the challenges of small space city living.


When it comes to our homes and offices all over the world, Boskee firmly believe that the greener, the better. Solution focussed, all of their planters use an innovative Slo-Flo irrigation system, slowly watering your plants over a two week time period, making keeping them alive even easier – perfect for any level of gardener but especially those of us who struggle to keep their plants alive. 

If your plant is positioned where it might be brushed past, consider something scented including scented pelargoniums or Jasmin or lavender by your bedside would be fittingly calming. The sky planter by Boskee is the perfect planter for any abode, whilst floor or table space can be limited ceiling space usually is not. The Boskee sky planter is a striking upside-down plant pot made from the plastic scraps off the factory floor creating a waste-free aerial design for you to hang those calming plants right above your head, be that in the kitchen, living room or even your bed.


Want to create a calming leafy green living space for yourself?  You can source Boskee products direct from the brand on – be quick, auctions ending soon!


Isn’t it great to see, how gardening may be a rare positive trend to have emerged from the crippling pandemic? Hopefully, this is a trend that unlike toilet roll keepie-uppies, is here to stay, and we’ll come out in the end and everyone will be eating better, gardening more and reaping in all the happiness our green friends bring with them.