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Seller Spotlight: Designed in Colour
Hannah Gregory
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What makes you stand out from the crowd?

We are all about colour. Our colourful collections are usually under our consumer ID which is British Colour Standard. The art and design team of Jackie Piper and Victoria Whitbread have shared a love of colour and material exploration. 

Discovering an old dictionary in an Oxfam shop one day, began a journey to re-establish this long-forgotten brand. A treasure trove of colour and rick history revived in 2017, first established in 1931.

What's more? Everything we do is fair trade, eco or sustainable in some way or all of them! Our colourful hand-made glass is recycled, placemats & candles are Fair Trade and our bone china mugs made in the UK.


What attracted you to sell your products on buyfair?

buyfair seemed like an easy and simple way to connect stock at a good price directly to trade buyers. We are expanding our collections on different platforms and so selling on buyfair makes way for new-ness. buyfair will be very useful as we grow and support other collections, update packaging etc.


How important is it for you to protect your brand's identity?

Important in that this is a sort of 'off-grid’ offer- and just for those who have the wisdom to sign up to buyfair. It's a good way to keep whatever we are offering exclusively in the B2B sector.


What does the future look like for Designed in Colour?

We have lots of new collections in development right now, which is extremely exciting! It's a really positive time as we grow and explore new markets and expand into new territories.


Source their range of products, exclusively for B2B on buyfair today!