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Seller Spotlight: Victoria Eggs
Hannah Gregory
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Tell us how your brand was founded? 

The idea came whilst I was living in Sydney and drawing a teacup and saucer one day. I realised that something so simple could make you smile, tug on your heartstrings and transport you back home in a flash! On my return to the UK, I moved to London and so began the journey of Victoria Eggs (and yes… that is my real name!).



What makes your brand different from the rest? 

Our fun and playful homeware and gifts are inspired by a love of all things British and are designed to make you smile by combining simple illustration, clean lines and bright colours. All products are proudly Made in Britain and socially conscious, using environmentally friendly practices and sustainable supply chains. Our textiles and fine bone china ceramics are all screen-printed in order to achieve the punchy and vibrant collections you see.

Why is buyfair a good platform for you to sell your products on?

It’s amazing being amongst such premium brands and the marketplace gives buyers so much choice and variety that they simply couldn’t get anywhere else.


As a brand, what is it that you would like to achieve next?

We are excited to be working on various bespoke projects at the moment for museums and places of interest. Previous projects include Royal Albert Hall, Biltmore Estate, Sandringham Estate and National Gallery. We are currently rolling out smaller bespoke packages available to all businesses, something which we’re really excited about.

How do you use your brand for good? 

Our British made screen printed products use environmentally friendly inks, certified organic cotton and sustainable supply chains. Our latest collection ‘Love is Love’ aims to drive a positive change and celebrate the beauty of love, equality and unity and donates 10% of the profits to LGBT Foundation.


"If the design strikes a chord, makes you smile or evokes a special memory then it becomes much more than a design, it becomes something you will treasure"

- Victoria Eggs

Find Victoria Eggs products here and spark that smile today.