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The complete cooking toolkit for your customers to win the next Great lockdown bake-off
Hannah Gregory
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Is it just us or is everybody around us turning into a home baker or Michelin star chef? Are your social media feeds filled with whipped iced latte’s or people getting their homemade Nando’s fix?

Baking and cooking seems to be just one of the ways people are coping up with the crisis that has engulfed us all around the globe and that’s not only because it’s a good way to pass the time whilst held up in doors, but it has many psychological benefits too. 

A recent analysis revealed that Google searches for bread recipes and baking tips are on the rise. Not only is this a way for people to receive their very own (comfort-food) hug while social distancing is in place but it’s also a way for people to destress and self-soothe. Putting effort into an activity which then gives you an end result to look forward to is an extremely positive way to deal with the anxieties of the current situation we are in. 

Similarly, there is also a surge in people giving in to their sugar cravings, during lockdown. Even though craving sugar is something which can happen very simply and is totally normal in everyday life, stress has a major role to play as well. Havard Health publishing explain that stress affects your cortisol levels, a hormone that when raised will alter your glucose and insulin levels so therefore your body uses these stores up quickly when in overdrive meaning it needs more to function effectively. increasing those cravings.

Having sugar is also a temporary fix for the body to be "happy". Sugar consumption increases serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood. Because sugar boosts serotonin, you feel happier, temporarily, so your brain craves this happy chemical again and again.

But most of all, baking and cooking is bringing people together. Individuals are sharing recipes on the internet as a means of spreading positivity, families are getting together, and hosting ‘Come Dine with Me’ themed nights-in and friends are even virtually baking and cooking together. Even us all here at team buyfair have done this on our morning calls.

It is more important than ever that you have all the necessities your customers need to make the most of all of these baking benefits. buyfair have all the cooking and baking products that you need to curate the perfect culinary offering for your customers. 

We've put together a cooking tool kit with everything your customers need for their next culinary delight plus the gooiest chocolate brownie recipe you'll ever try! 

Victoria Eggs offers a whole host of products under their ‘Baking Delights’ range. From tea towels to oven gloves and mugs, they have everything your customers need to get their bake on or to gift to all those Mary Berry protégées that they know. 



We particularly love Victoria Eggs as all products are proudly made in Britain and ‘designed to make you smile’, what more could you want during the current times?




The must have item for any kitchen is of course the infamous mixing bowl. For sweet and savoury tasks, a good mixing bowl is a kitchen essential and 1882 Ltd. have the perfect selection. 



With different shaped and sized bowls 1882 Ltd.’s collaboration with ‘Fort standard’ merge progressive design thinking with an obsessive approach to craft, creating distinctive, modern and stunning designs rooted in simplicity and functionality



Allow your customers to create and present their culinary master pieces with a touch of modern and contemporary elegance with 1882 Ltd.



Most people have now given the Mari Condo approach to their homes and the kitchen is usually the last to get tackled. It’s where the family gathers to cook and eat, do homework, pay bills and make crafty creations. Since so many different activities occur in this one area, and it’s so frequently used, the kitchen can get messy in a hurry.

That’s why Scott Smart have created a range of products which add great value to customers lifestyles and bring great joy into their daily lives designed for functionality, style, convenience and ease of use.




So, there you have it, 3 fantastic brands offering you the perfect stock for your customers so you can put a smile on their face during lockdown. 

All products are shipped directly from the brands themselves ensuring you the best possible price so what are you waiting for? 

Lets get cooking!



Exclusive brownie recipe!

As many of you know, here at buyfair we have tried to keep our morning meetings as fun and engaging as possible whilst keeping up staff morale and motivation during what is a challenging time. One of the activities included was a bake-along whereby we all followed along with Hannah who showed us how to make the gooiest most delicious chocolate brownies ever and we are giving you the recipe below! Be sure to try it out, tag us in your creations and with the hashtag #buyfairbrownies.