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How to do business while corona virus takes hold in over 100 countries.
Paula Heaney
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COVID-19 has caused dozens of trade fairs and industry conferences to be cancelled, most businesses have put a ban on all non-essential travel, some have banned all travel and asked their staff to work from home. The US is halting travel from the EU while China’s factories remain closed and are now a month behind production schedules. Though some are trying to beta test bringing back workers they still have strict COVID-19 restrictions in place having a huge impact on output.   

This is having a massive effect on every product business. If they have stock sitting ready in the far east, they may be able to ship it to Europe, but no new product is being produced and may not be available for some time. This is leaving businesses with billions of pounds worth of deals disrupted and capital tied-up in orders for goods they cannot get access too. 

Trade fairs and exhibitions are the central pillars for the homeware, giftware, furniture and lighting design industries. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to appear at trade fairs to secure orders, while buyers bank on securing the hottest new product at these events. Despite the rise of e-commerce, face-to-face buying is still highly valued in these industries thanks to the ability to maintain existing and create new business relationships with a large number of fresh customers over a short period of time. Therefore, such events being cancelled not only leaves brands with lost revenue but is also leaving buyers with limited access to product and exposure to new brands. 

People may be self-isolating, large gatherings of individuals may be cancelled and avoiding unnecessary contact with people is increasing, but you can still utilise online marketplaces such as to place your orders and receive deliveries. buyfair allows you to source beautiful products that are already in stock and ready to ship so delivery couldn’t be quicker, plus it’s all geotagged so you know exactly where your stock is coming from. 

How can you get access to premium products that are already in the country and ready to ship? is the B2B marketplace connecting buyers and sellers without the need to meet face-to-face. Giving sellers access to a new sales channel and buyers access to premium design brands they may not have had access to previously. buyfair is the digital solution, to an evolving physical problem.   

How buyfair helps sellers? 

The marketplace gives sellers access to a new sales channel connecting them with our network of premium business buyers providing them with the opportunity to recover lost revenue from cancelled trade fairs, or lack of footfall in-store. 

Sellers can also invite their own buyers to buy from buyfair, which has even more benefits at the minute due to the buyfair commission rewards programme which allows sellers to reduce their sales commission by inviting their buyers to use the platform. This is a chance for sellers to maximise their revenue, increase margins and create new buyer relationships while reducing the need for credit control and face-to-face meetings. 

How buyfair helps buyers? 

On buyfair, buyers are given access to a network of premium vetted sellers, selling their beautiful products are fantastic prices. buyfair currently has over 200 premium design brands, selling hundreds of amazing products on the marketplace every day. 

COVID-19 aside, using  buyfair  to source the perfect products will save you time, money and resource. This is your opportunity to source fantastic new brands at unbeatable prices, massively reducing lead-times all from the comfort of your chair be that at home while you self-isolate or in the office. Who needs trade fairs when all the products you want, are at a click of a button. 

The whole team here at buyfair want to let you all know that we are thinking of you and your families during these uncertain times. It is so important to look out for each other and keep things moving as best we can. Like many others, the buyfair team have been advised to work from home but it's important to note that business can still be kept moving from the comfort of your own home by using marketplaces like ours.– where buying is made simple.