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Seller spotlight: Keith Brymer Jones
Hannah Gregory
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Here at, we love to shout about the amazing brands (with their permission of course) who trust us to sell their beautiful products. This month we are beginning our Seller Spotlight Blog Series where we interview some of our favourite sellers and find out what makes them tick, where they see their brands and industries going in the future and how buyfair works for them.

We are starting with our legendary star seller, the internationally renowned British potter and ceramic designer Mr Keith Brymer Jones. Owner of his namesake brand.

Keith is head of design at MAKE International and personally collaborates with every brand that MAKE works with to create a unique form and style for all the products that they work with including brands like Scion and Jane Foster.

Keith’s has over 35 year’s experience in pottery and design having started as an apprentice at Harefield Pottery aged 18 before hand-making ceramics from his London studio for retailers including Conran, Heals, Habitat, Marks and Spencers, Ted Baker, Laura Ashley, Monsoon, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York and Anthropology. 

From his wealth of experience, Keith truly values the importance of protecting a brand you work so hard to establish and how buyfair allows him to do that. In the interview, Keith also talks about what attracted him to buyfair, the benefits for his brand and how it has increased his revenue. 

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Keith Brymer Jones. I run a ceramics company, we sell to over 40 countries around the world and it's my brand called Keith Brymer Jones.

Why did you start using buyfair?

So the reason we started using buyfair was because a couple of years ago as you probably know,  we had the Brexit referendum. We were doing great guns, we were selling to lots of major clients or all over the world. We had lots and lots of stock for the ongoing process of selling through and Brexit and the referendum just created so much uncertainty within the retail sector that a lot of our clients were very very wary and started holding back on ordering as they usually would. So we were in a situation where we had quite a lot of overstock. Really really good product, A-grade overstock that we were selling and we were looking for another opportunity, another platform, in some ways another marketplace really to sell our stock through and buyfair is just an incredible concept.

Why would you recommend buyfair to other brands like yourself?

So the reason why I recommend buyfair for any middle to high-end brand is it's a tremendous platform. You can completely control what you sell and who you sell to, there are no hidden costs, buyfair basically take a flat commission fee only on products that are sold so if you don't sell something they don't make any money so they're actually working for you in making sure that the whole system runs really really smoothly.

The other thing is that once you invite buyers onto the platform and you put the product up there there's very very little admin until the point of sale and then once the sale is made buyfair then pay you within 10 days and so it's incredibly simple.

It's a flat fee, there are no hidden charges, there's no sort of remuneration for more promotion or other kinds of hidden charges that other platforms sort of seemed to command and it's supporting the circular economy. Basically, all this stock is being shown to new clients all around the world and it's a fantastic platform to make sure that that stock stays in circulation and goes out to the retail industry without ending up in landfill.

I just love the simplicity of it really simple, simple but effective, a bit like me...

Watch the full interview below and source Keith's products directly from here!