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Transforming your overstock, into superstock only on
Vaibhav Shivhare
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Superstock is our term for fantastic premium branded product thawas over-ordered. Some call it overstock we call it superstock as we are helping you to unwrap the potential in all of the product you have sitting in a warehouse.  


Whether you call it overstock, excess stock, excess inventory or surplus stock they all carry negative connotations. This is because overstock holds the perception that product didn’t sell as it wasn’t ‘right’ or ‘popular’ enough. In fact, anyone who produces product these days they will tell you that in order to get a low cost per unit price when manufacturing you must order much more stock than you need. Most brands hope to sell most of the stock at full price then the rest at different levels of discount. However, many are not able to sell through like this as the minimum order quantity was simply too high.  


This leaves brands in a very tricky position with limited options. Many warehouse the goods indefinitely which costs money, ties up capital and has now created an $8 trillion stock mountain globally.  


Some heavily discount to clearance stores like TKMAXX where they would be lucky to recover costs on the goods. This can have a major impact on brand equity and is not a viable option for many brands who never discount in retail. The most devastating of all is when brands are forced to destroy product to 'protect' their brand's identity. This has catastrophic effects on the environment as much of it is incinerated or ends up in landfill. This is a tragic waste of the world’s resources and completely unsustainable.    


Born out of industry need, buyfair is the ideal solution for this problem. Our marketplace provides a brand-safe environment for you to sell your superstock to business buyers across multiple industries around the world. Helping you retain value in your product and protecting your brand equity.  


Using buyfair to sell your superstock will help you to rethink, reduce, and repurpose your overstock to create a more sustainable future.