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3 easy, low cost sustainable initiatives for your SME
Hannah Gregory
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As we become more mindful of the climate change emergency developing around us, many individuals have begun to increase the number of sustainable choices they make in their own personal lives but doing so in their professional capacity has been found to be much more difficult.

Research by Bain & Company found that even when there was support from CEOs and other senior management just 2% of the organisations studied had accomplished or surpassed their sustainability transformation goals whilst the other 81% settled for average execution and a weakness of value in the sustainability programme.

Supporting this research further is ad agency 18 feet & rising who found that in 2018 88% of SME's reported that they value sustainability yet 70% struggle to set up reasonable strategic approaches referring to cost issues and negative government strategies as major hindrances.

These results come as a disappointment after research has found that employees of companies who have sustainability practices in place are 16% more productive and felt more joyful and healthier when compared to working in more traditional office spaces.

If you feel as if you want to make the most of these sustainability benefits for your employees but are put off by the negative research we are providing you with 3 easy and low-cost initiatives to get you started, and we’re talking more than simply turning off your monitors and lights when you leave the office.

Switch your search engine

Presumably the most effortless and least expensive change you can make in your working environment is empowering Ecosia as your default internet browser for all office gadgets.

What happens is, you search the web just like you would using say google or bing, yet rather with Ecosia; search ads create revenue for Ecosia; Ecosia utilizes this pay to plant trees all around the world.

Ecosia were the first ever German company to receive B-Corp certification and rightly so. Their most recent initiative found them generating enough searches in just one day, to plant 26,446 trees in the Byron Bay area, Australia; one of the areas affected most from the bushfires.

If you want to contribute to great causes like this, you can download the application here: and begin utilising your searches right away.

Going green competitions

What's better than a touch of office competition to help improve motivation and office morale? It has been discovered that challenges can expand inspiration, improve productivity and allows for better performance on tasks. In this manner, presenting your team with small scale competitions and games is a fantastic, free approach to urge people to draw in with sustainable activities. Games could incorporate, who can recycle the most in seven days? Who can add to the most trees planted utilizing Ecosia? What team has the lowest carbon-emitting commute?

Have incentives prepared for the people who win like reusable coffee cups or water bottles as everybody knows that points mean prizes, especially when they’re sustainable prizes!

Once more, the expense can be low yet connects with people in an enjoyable and logical way improving the probability of those people staying with the practices they received during the challenge creating a continued culture of sustainability and environmental awareness.

Buying supplies for the office that have already been produced and are in stock in the UK

Research has shown that the world is sitting on $8 trillion worth of stored in warehouses. This means $8 trillion worth of products are representing tied up capital and a tremendous amount of environmental footprint.

These products tend to be held for sale for several reasons; they may be limited edition products, last season’s lines or sample stock. However, the bottom line is always simply put that too much stock was created in the first place.

Over the last 20 years, manufacturing has moved to the far east where production is significantly cheaper. However, what is does mean is that 10 times more product must be ordered even when brands know they won’t sell it all through resulting in surplus stock.

Numerous brands feel they have no other choice but to destroy their extra stock in order to protect their brands' identity. For example, Burberry recently admitted to burning $90 million worth of stock in the previous 5 years as they never discount in retail due to damaging the brand's premium equity.

In June 2019, the French government passed a law viably banning this act of destroying excess inventory. Despite this being a huge turning point not just for France it still leaves these brands asking the question what to do with all the stock they have left that is costing them to store.

We present you with the business to business marketplace that is providing these brands with a solution to their overstock giving buyers access to high volumes of premium products at fantastic prices.

It connects buyers and sellers across multiple industries opening up new markets for sellers and a new supply chain for buyers. It’s dramatically reducing the amount of excess stock being sent to landfill and sitting idle in warehouses, providing a win for the environment and boosting the circular economy needed for a sustainable future. 

This business to business marketplace is totally free to use for buyers, while sellers pay a small commission only on any goods sold retaining as much value in their products as possible.

Whether you’re a buyer or seller sign up for free today

Buyers make the most of our free sourcing service. If you’re looking for something, in particular, please get in touch and our dedicated sourcing team will source it for your from our network of premium design sellers.

So, there you go, 3 quick practices that can be implemented almost immediately into your

workplace with very low costs whilst simultaneously increasing productivity and well-being. Start making your changes, today!