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The busiest returns period is over; how have you managed your excess inventory?
Hannah Gregory
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It’s estimated that in January 2020 £69 billion worth of products were returned to retailers post-Christmas. To put this in perspective it was estimated to be 1.9 million individual returns on National Returns Day, January 2nd 2020.

Between extended return dates and the high cost to process returns back on the shelf, not to mention the fact they are coming back during the biggest clearance period of the year, much of the £69 billion in returned products cannot go back on primary shelves; this equates to millions of pounds in lost profits.

Much of the current research into returns show that a lot of this returned product is being destroyed and ending up in landfill as the warehouse space is just not available to store all this stock. This is of course totally unsustainable but it also completely destroys any value left in this perfectly good product.

It’s a very difficult situation, brands have to create new products to satisfy consumer appetite for new stock yet how they deal with unsold product needs to change.   

So, what do you do with this perfect product that cannot go back on your own shelves?

You sell it on saving you time, money and resource. All while retaining higher value in the stock and the brand. provides a solution for premium branded superstock. Superstock is your perfect product, that you simply have too much of.

We provide you, with an additional sales channel in order for you to attain a higher recovery rate for you returned and excess inventory connecting you with our extensive network of business buyers.

By selling on our marketplace you’re contributing to a circular economy, retaining as much value as possible in your product and creating new business relationships.

Don’t let your excess inventory get you down this year. - where selling is made simple.