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Get selling, faster!
Emma Clayton
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Thank you for signing up to  and registering as a Seller.  Once your account has been authorised you are able to complete the following steps in order to create your first auction and begin selling your overstock to business Buyers around the world! Let us get started then, shall we?

To start, add a Stripe Account. Stripe is the payment processing system use. In order to set up auctions and to receive payment, you will need to add or create a Stripe account. To do this go to 'Account Details'  in the side navigation panel – 'Bank Details' – 'add a Stripe Account', you will be redirected to a form. You will be asked a few questions by Stripe, this ensures that they are dealing with the right brand, to help ensure your security.

Now add your Shipping Methods. This helps to set out the terms of transactions to the buyer. When an order is placed you should be contacted by the buyer to arrange shipping or collection of their purchase. In order to make this process as easy as possible, we recommend filling out your Shipping Methods with as many details as possible. This should include variations in pricing dependent on weight or the region you are shipping to. You can create more than one Shipping Method if you have variations in weight, pricing, or location you are shipping from. These are created by going to 'Shipping Methods' in the side navigation panel - click 'create' and fill out all the necessary information. This Shipping Method will then appear in the list view. If you wish to provide free delivery or collection, you don't have to fill out any information, just simply tick the boxes provided. 

Next, you must create your Stock Location. This also helps with arranging Shipping as the buyer can see where the stock is held before placing a bid. Your full stock location will not be displayed on the auction only the city and country where to stock is held. You create Stock Locations by clicking 'Stock Location' in the side navigation panel - 'Create'.  Fill out all the necessary information and the stock location will appear in the list view. 

Now all the boring stuff is out the way, we can give you some extra tips to really boost your visibility on and give your auctions more appeal.

In order to make the most of your account, we recommend adding a brand image and profile image to help with brand recognition.

Your brand image will appear with your auctions so we recommend using your brand logo.  This makes your brand appear more trusted and secure. To do this you go to Account Details and select 'chose image' , select the image you wish to use. As well as helping to create brand recognition through your brand image, we recommend that you add a profile image to help with making connections.

Making connections is a great way to expand your network of buyers on the marketplace. You are able to connect with Buyer's, make exclusive network groups, allowing you to select who is able to view your auctions. A profile image allows buyers to see the personal face of your brand and form a personal connection making them more likely to engage with your brand's auctions. To add a profile image- go to account users, edit users select 'chose file', and upload your desired profile image.

That's it! Your account will now be all set up and ready for you to upload your inventory and create your first auction.

Congratulations on joining the world's first B2B multi-lot auction platform!

If you require any assistance when setting up your account please contact the Customer Success team on +44 (0) 203 5984 499 or email Emma on