About Buyfair

buyfair.global is the trusted marketplace for your favourite homeware brands.

We work directly with your favourite brands and their distributors to bring you the most beautiful, genuine products at the best possible prices.


Many brands sell their products to lots of distributors who then sell them to other retailers. Each time the product is sold, the end price you pay increases, ultimately making the beautiful products you buy more expensive. That's why we work directly with brands or their licensed distributors so we can get you, the best possible price. 


Because we work directly with brands, unlike other websites, this means there are never any counterfeit goods, ever! 

So, if you buy a Keith Brymer Jones item from us, you’ll receive your package directly from their warehouse (at a much better price). Unlike almost every other marketplace out there that allows anyone to sell anything they want. You can shop with peace of mind knowing that everything has been made to the highest standards and is definitely genuine!  


We vet every single seller and if they don’t meet our strict criteria, they can’t sell on buyfair. There are never any hidden fees, what you see, is what you get. All payments are fully protected end to end to protect both buyer and seller. 


Over the past 20 years, mass production for most companies has moved to the far east. This has brought brands, low cost per unit prices, however, to avail of these prices brands must order huge quantities of product, sometimes 10X their usual amounts. This has caused stock levels to soar, and with shopping seasons changing so frequently, brands just don't have enough time to sell all their products before retail buyers want the next new thing. Brands then have to warehouse all these products that they haven't had time to sell, costing them money in storage and creating a global overstock crisis.  

Pre 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, global overstock figures were estimated to be $8 Trillion globally. That’s eight trillion dollars’ worth of perfect product sitting in warehouses around the world, that could be in your home being used and enjoyed every single day.     

What's worse is that many brands will destroy their overstock in order to protect their brand. Burberry has burned $90 million worth of stock in the past 5 years alone. This is not just unsustainable, and a tremendous waste of resources including raw materials, labor, and shipping, but it is completely detrimental to the planet. 

At buyfair we want to help solve this global overstock and waste problem by re-thinking, reducing, and repurposing stock, opening the warehouse doors, and bringing you in, to discover the most unique products at incredible prices.    

This is why we encourage our sellers to put all available stock up for sale, this means you get access to limited-edition, end-of-line and seasonal stock that is often not available anywhere else. This helps brands as they get to sell their products at prices that are fair for them and still a great deal for you.  

To find out more about how the concept for buyfair came about and how it all began check out our co-founder Dominic Speelman’s blog