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Collection: Vanilla Blanc

Vanilla Blanc diffusers, cleaners & fragrances. 

Vanilla Blanc use chemical free organic ingredients of the highest grade, sourced locally in the county of Surrey England for their range of designer fragrances, diffusers & cleaner.

The range include long lasting oil-based Vanilla Blanc fragrance diffusers with cotton fibre reeds resulting in scent diffusion that goes way beyond 20 weeks.

Hand-poured Kosher soy and organic coconut wax candles that have an incredible scent throw that can fill large spaces. Our meticulous, labour-intensive process of mixing the hot wax with the fragrance for an even distribution is one of many quality standards employed by our master artisans.

Natural plant-powered household cleanse products purely scented with organic essential oils without any nasty chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Expertly formulated to be gentle on the skin and good for the environment. The only range of its kind on the market!

All our products are handcrafted in small batches in Surrey to ensure they reach our customers in optimum efficacy. Each piece undergoes a diligent final check to safeguard our inimitable quality.

Vanilla Blanc is more than a fragrance, homeware or gifting company, it is a premium lifestyle brand that has strong commitments towards sustainability, Fair-trade, ethical sourcing and well-being.

Our packaging has been designed to offer an alternative to recycling. We encourage all our valued clients to reuse the gift boxes in a multitude of ways. Find out more about how to reuse our packaging,

Vanilla Blanc

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