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Towel to Go is not just a simple hammam towel - Towel to Go comes in a
variety of colours and unusual woven patterns presented in stylish
gift boxes made from recycled cardboard and much more.

The world of Towel to Go is colourful!

The origin of the hammam culture can be found in the Orient and has not changed in importance over the millennia. The hammam towel is an integral part of this refreshing ritual, which has a high wellness factor. Each visitor wraps one of these hammam towels around their bodies during the bathing ceremony.

Thanks to the unusual, loose weave of these hammam towels, a flat fabric structure is created that guarantees a long service life and is therefore of better quality. The Towel to Go hammam towels are made of 100% cotton and are made in Turkey. The natural material makes the towels particularly soft and pleasant to use as a beach towel, a gym towel or a lightweight picnic blanket.

In addition, Towel to Go scores with the Oeko-Tex certification, which takes care of harmful substances. In comparison, Towel to Go is the cleaner, more environmentally friendly and longer-lasting alternative.

Not to forget, the hammam towels are packaged in modern gift boxes made from recycled cardboard.

Towel To Go

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