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The story about Hübsch...
With a dream of building something unique and with a passion for good design, Hübsch was formed in 2010 by Flemming Hussak, Jannie Krüger and Daniel Henriksen. Since then, Hübsch has grown in size and is today regarded as one of Scandinavia’s leading home interior brands selling everything from throws, blankets and mirrors to Pendant Lighting and larger furniture items like console tables and dining tables. Not to mention those gorgeous decorative accessories and tableware and serveware that really do make a house a home.

Where happiness lives...
The keyword happiness is deeply rooted in Hübsch Design. We believe that we can create happiness around us by designing quality products in unique style, by offering the best service everyday, and by meeting our surroundings with a smile on our lips.

The good design...
Our creative team in Denmark always has their finger on the pulse and designs quality products in our own, unique style. We have great focus on creating a common thread throughout the collections, and at the same time adapting to the trend of the times.

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