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Collection: home accessories

Whether you're looking to create a new look or give your home decor items a seasonal refresh, you'll find all you need in our range of home accessories. Browse products and must-have items from an array of great brands, including Bloomingville, Hubsch, F and H Scandinavia, Lene Bjerre, Canvas Home, Scion, Clarke and Clarke and Harlequin, Nordium lighting, Vanilla Blanc, Ali Miller, Wanda Coyne, Neon Kactus, Bloomingville mini and Milly Sands Interiors and many more.


We have everything you need to add a finishing touch to each room, with everything from bedroom to kitchen, bathroom to living room accessories. If you want something that smells as good as it looks, you'll find endless candles and room fragrances in our home décor accessories collection.

home accessories

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