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Halcyon [hal-see-un]

Create freedom through the power of aromachology with handmade diffusers and a wide range of essential oil candles.

We’ve created a range of Moods with the use of aromachology to help you on your wellbeing journey and a better self-care and therapeutic experience. Whether you want to relax after a stressful day at work, Release tension, Relate to others through connection or take charge and Renew your perspective on life, each diffuser and candle contains a unique blend of essential oils to help you create the ambient atmosphere you need.

Our hand-poured luxury products are a blend of natural vegan-friendly ingredients and pure essential oils tailored to lift your mood with the use of aromachology – a fusion of aromatherapy with scent psychology for a better self-care experience. Our products contain no paraffin, synthetic fragrances, additives or other toxic nasties.
Halcyon Naturals

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