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As a buyer we can offer you:

  • Access to previously unavailable premium brand products at fair prices.

  • A new sales channel and marketplace allowing access to a new network of premium b2b sellers.

  • New multi-lot auction technology, allowing you to collaborate with other buyers to BUILD BUYING POWER.

Registering as a buyer on is both quick and easy!

To register, all we need is two minutes of your time and some basic personal and company contact details. In our super-simple two-step verification process, we’ll then ask you to confirm a username and site password.

Once verified, you can immediately view all products being sold publically by sellers in their personalised marketplace and open auctions. When you find something you like and want to make a bid we need a credit card to secure your bid or order.

Once you've made a bid or won an auction, we'll hold your money in a third party 'escrow account' and only release full payment when you’ve received your item(s).

If you get out-bid the money will be released straight back onto your registered card. When a bid has been won, you will get automatically connected to the Seller in order to discuss shipping or collection of goods.’s vision is to transform purchase buying in the future and reduce product waste. Don’t waste time, money or our planet's resources.