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About Us is the go to B2B online marketplace for overstock.

As one of the biggest issues in retail today, overstock is a £5 Billion issue in the UK alone, driving up costs and consuming cash flow, through increased warehousing costs.

Further exacerbated by several industry issues including ever-increasing manufacturing lead times and volumes and immense retailer pressure to drive efficiencies; seeks to help buyers and sellers of premium brands create value in today's tough retail conditions. addresses real business needs and has been born out of the reality of running a successful, premium, manufacturing homeware company in today's tough market conditions.

To create buyfair, the buyfair founders have drawn on deep experience in manufacturing, retail, sales and technology to create the first multi-lot online retail B2B marketplace.

This new marketplace offers a brand safe alternative to overstock while connecting buyers and sellers and levelling the retail playing field and creating much-needed value for all sides.